Les Lépidoptéristes de France

Morpho (Morpho) helenor carillensis 
Le Moult & Réal, 1962, male, upperside. Sarapiqui (Heredia, Costa Rica). Photo: R. Cubero

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It was expected for long and is now just released! Our book entitled:

Les Morpho 

Distribution, diversification, behavior

is now available and was already very successful at the 20th entomological Fair in Juvisy (F-91) on September 24 and 25, 2016.

With its cardboard plastified cover (deluxe edition), its 408 pages, its 10 chapters (and annexes), including six chapters devoted each to one region of the genusMorpho distribution (Mata atlântica, Central Andes, Northern Andes, Venezuela, Amazonia-Guianas, Central America) and one to the early stages (little processed so far), its plates with the 30 species of Morpho and their 220 subspecies and corresponding descriptions, its distribution maps, numerous illustrations (all in color), photos of biotopes and butterflies in nature, its oustanding presentation on physical properties and nanostructure of Morpho wings,... no doubt, this book is an event !

It is result of a long collective word (6 authors, and other contributors) members of our Society or close associates. Find out more about its rich content by consulting the product presentation in the Category Book "The Morpho".

We offer you a quite reasonable price for a book of such a quality, hoping it will live up to your expectations, because... the reader has always the last word !

Thank you for your visit !

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